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Desire in D.C.

By Cat Johnson

  • Genre: Suspense, Books, Romance, Military, Contemporary, Historical
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Peter Greenwood expected to have to work hard and prove himself to rise in the ranks of politics. What he didn't expect was to have to do it to get his dream girl.
Martha "Marty" Vanderbilt and Peter are opposites in every way. She's rich from old family money, he couldn't be more middle class. She's a liberal journalist and he's working for a Republican senator. She's loud and opinionated and he keeps his mouth shut and his head down.
But sometimes opposites attract so strongly, there's nothing that can keep two people apart. Not even a deadly terrorist kidnapping . . .
Long before he became the Senator from Virginia, long before his daughter Missy fell in love with and married Navy SEAL Zane Alexander, Peter Greenwood was a young, driven legislative aide in Washington D.C. during the turbulent 1970s trying to win his future wife. Read how it all went down in this Hot SEALs Series spin-off origin story.
This story was originally released in the DANGER & DESIRE Romantic Suspense Anthology for the month of September 2020.