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By Stephanie Rowe

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In this sizzling romantic suspense by a New York Times bestselling author, a serial arsonist targets the biological family he found through an online DNA ancestry test. 

"Fast-paced, dangerous, deadly, and sinfully sexy as hell." ~Hockeyvamp, Amazon Review on Chill

"Edgy, sexy, and gripping." ~Fresh Fiction on Ice 

Five years ago, Charlotte Murphy's brother tracked down her family through a DNA ancestry test. Charlotte was the only one he left alive. And now he's back to finish the deadly game he started. 

When reclusive Mack Connor is summoned to Alaska by his best friend, he's not prepared to play bodyguard to a spunky, sexy tavern hostess fighting to reclaim her life from the stalker who killed her family. But when Mack falls hard for the sassy Alaskan, the stakes suddenly become much higher than he can afford. 

Charlotte's scared. She's in danger. She's afraid to trust. Until Mack walks into her life, with shadows in his eyes, a gun at his hip, and a heart he keeps under lockdown. 

When the serial arsonist heats up his game, can Charlotte and Mack find a way to survive, or will her death be the final victory for the brother no one would ever want? 

Books in the Alaska Heat series: Ice, Chill, Ghost, and Burn. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is the author of more than 45 novels. She is a 2018 winner and a five-time nominee of the RITA® Award, the highest award in romance fiction. She has won many awards for her novels, including the prestigious Golden Heart® Award. She has received coveted starred reviews from Booklist, and Publishers Weekly has called her work "[a] genre-twister that will make readers...rabid for more." She also writes paranormal romance, contemporary romance and urban fantasy. 


  • Burn Was Amazing!

    By Honeybunnyboo19762001
    No spoilers of any kind included. Burn was absolutely amazing! But then again I think just about every story that Stephanie Rowe writes is awesome so of course Burn is going to be amazing. So it’s going to be a big HECK YEAH I most definitely do recommend Burn. *An ARC was provided by the author, publisher or a promotional service and I have chosen to publish a fair and honest review*
  • Burn by Stephanie Rowe

    By Anydb
    This book has the right name. It burned hot. What a fantastic story. The story flows so well. It took you on a wild ride through Alaska. I’m fallen for these Alaskan men. Charlotte & Mack are a great couple. This is a series so worth reading and rereading. I read the first book Ice and now Burn. I must get the other two books. I revived an ARC for an honest review.
  • Great Romantic Suspense!

    By Squenn
    I really enjoyed this story. Poor Charlotte is so scared; the only thing she can do is run. Mack is also running, but he is trying to outrun his past. Put these two together and you have two very different people, but they are drawn to each other like magnets. There is no fighting their attraction. I loved the suspense plot and was truly intrigued by the background story. So much good in this book. This is book four in the Alaska Heat series. If you haven’t read the other three books, don’t worry, you can jump in to this book and not be totally lost. Cannot wait to see if there is more of this series!
  • Love this series!

    By Bankerlady$$
    WOW. That is all I can think right now. This is another action packed, thrilling ride. The characters come right off the pages and the story is amazing. There are quite a few twists that you don’t see. I loved Charlotte and Mack’s story. I have only read the first book in the series and now this one. I’m definitely going to have to grab the other two books.
  • You Think You Know Fear

    By Reader@70
    ARC reader. Have read others in series and they are all gripping and intense stand alone romantic suspense books. Grab your book or e-reader and go on this journey to see how the main character, Charlotte approaches her fears. Her life is forever changed by past events and she double-checks her environment with the help of her dog, 'Bear' and her group of loyal friends. Her parents died 5 years ago at the hands of her estranged step-brother and his misplaced abandonment stirs fear as jealousy and in creating fires. Her last boyfriend, a stalker stabbed her and now she returns to the solace of her home in Alaska. She is not sure she can stay. Help is from a friend Mack who only wants to help her past her fears and she doesn't want him in her house. Enjoy this page turning intense read and decipher how every act and person fit the answers. It will leave you with goosebumps as you discover what will burn next.
  • Felt the burn for sure!

    By Jessmom15
    This was my first time reading a book from the Burn series and I am now going to go back and read all the others. The suspense really hooked me and the characters were believable. A lot of times when I’ve read other books similar to this I find myself rolling my eyes at the unrealistic behavior of the characters but with this it was totally realistic but at the same time an intoxicating romance that I enjoyed escaping into. Can’t wait to read the others!
  • Burned the midnight oil so I could finish this one

    By csw....
    I can’t tell you how glad I am that I read this book. Charlotte and Mack have been through some things! The danger they faced seemed insurmountable, but they were willing and able to face it together. They both had violent and traumatic pasts, but by opening themselves up, they not only found the help and support from each other, they were able to find that help and support from others as well. While this is the 4th book in the series, it’s actually my first read from it. I don’t even know how I managed to miss the others, but I’m definitely going back and reading the rest. ** In my opinion, this can be read as a stand-alone if you haven’t read the rest of the series yet. *** I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Burn by Stephanie Rowe

    By ReadingOverTV2
    Burn by Stephanie Rowe Book 4 in the Alaska Heat series. Contemporary Romantic suspense. Can be read as a stand-alone. Previous events and characters are mentioned in this book so it might feel like you want to know their stories or more about an event. I have not read the previous books and had no problem following the story. I do want to go backwards and read the previous books in the series after reading this. Fast paced, engrossing and a thrilling story. Romantic and inspiring. The heroine has had a lot of trauma in her past. She’s scared but strong enough to overcome those events and grow and be comfortable in trusting friends. Excerpt: “Protectiveness surged through him, a fierce need to keep her safe, to free her spirit to soar again. A smile flickered across her face. "You look so intense right now." "I've decided to keep you safe." He hadn't meant to say it, and he sure as hell hadn't intended to say it like he was staking a caveman claim on her well-being, but that's what came out. She stared at him, then suddenly, a smile flooded her face, lighting up her eyes with a sparkle that seemed to reach right into his core and rip all his shields away. "Thank you for saying that. I have the same goal for myself.” Excerpt From BURN By Stephanie Rowe