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Honey Buns

By Cat Johnson

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Fiction & Literature
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Never have a romantic dinner with a charming stranger. It won’t work out well. Trust me. I know.

One dinner and now mister handsome hottie’s two new enterprises are about to drive my bake shop out of business. 

Apparently, I was just a pawn in his little game of Mudville Monopoly. Fine. He’d better hold on to his hotels, because I’m about to show Mister Moneybags exactly what it means to mess with a girl who spent some time on the wrong side of the B.&O. Railroad tracks.

That would be easier if he weren’t so devastatingly distracting. And if my only option for survival wasn’t for him to become my new boss.

Honey Buns is a romance between a single billionaire workaholic, a feisty small-town baker with a sewer grate-sized chip on her shoulder, some hundred-year old love letters, addictive diner fries, and a dumpster diving stray cat. It stands alone. 

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