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A Real Cowboy Loves Forever

By Stephanie Rowe

  • Genre: Western, Books, Romance, Fiction & Literature, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
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New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe delivers another winner when a cowboy-turned-bounty hunter has one last chance at the happiness he walked away from long ago.

Bounty hunter Maddox Stockton is no hero. He's a renegade from the wrong side of the tracks, and he knows he's no good for anyone…until he meets a single mom who needs him to be the man he can't afford to be.

After her sister is murdered, Hannah Crowley is on the run with her niece, desperate to find a place of safety to start again, a home far from the shadows that have chased her for so long. When their move to Rogue Valley is derailed by a deadly blizzard, Hannah must turn to the rugged, loner cowboy for the kind of help she doesn't know how to ask for, the kind of help Maddox can no longer give. 

When the raging storm strands Hannah and Maddox together, their mutual need to protect Hannah's new daughter binds them together, creating a blazing connection of passion and need between the two lost souls. Can one snowbound week heal a lifetime of broken dreams and give them a chance at love? 

About the Author: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is "contemporary romance at its best" (Bex 'N' Books). She's the author of more than forty-five novels, and she's a four-time nominee for the RITA® award, the highest award in romance fiction. As an award-winning author, Stephanie has been touching readers' hearts and keeping them spellbound for more than a decade with her contemporary romances, romantic suspense, and paranormal romances. For more information on Stephanie and her books, visit her on the web at www.stephanierowe.com.


  • Perfection

    By Montanafilly73
    Loved this book of Hannah, Ava and Maddox!! Three people with love and trust issues who needed to find each other to heal. Beautifully written. Love this series and the broken men who find good women to help them heal and some broken women to find the men who can heal them as well.
  • Maddox rescues Hannah with her niece/daughter Eva

    By MelissaNY666
    Hannah needed to leave Boston because she’s seen evil. Renting a cabin in Wyoming she felt no one will find her and Eva. The snow storm in Wyoming is fierce, so as she got to town and stopped at the café to ask for directions. Lissa was not able to help give directions so she ask Maddox to help Hannah. Maddox had his own demons, past and wants nothing to do with woman.
  • Monsters vs Love

    By Blaz3nh0t
    Each book of this series is outstanding by themselves, but together they are superb. In Maddox and Hanna’s story you began to really see how each brother is desperately wanting love (though they fight it all the way). Maddox believes a monster lives in his soul just waiting to escape. Hanna knows monsters are real. Her sweet girl Ava knows monsters are real. But neither see Maddox as a monster, instead they see safety and a man able to show them real love and hope. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.
  • A Real Cowboy Loves Forever

    By ReadingOverTV2
    A Real Cowboy Lives Forever by Stephanie Rowe A heart-fulfilling contemporary romance. A bit of suspense from both a physical threat from a killer wanting revenge as well as the hero who doesn't believe in his own goodness. It's a beautiful awakening for both the hero and heroine. Emotional tears at the end because it's so good. And a huge sigh of awe for the HEA. Descriptive writing makes it a powerful read. This family of brothers is protective, fierce and oh, so lovable. I can't wait to read the rest. There was also an introduction to a self-made family from Oregon that I really hope will turn into a spin-off of more stories from this author. Really wonderful romance writing. Excerpt: “Her smile was like oxygen and sunshine had merged together to give life to the darkest, most barren of existences. That was all Maddox could think of as he stared at the woman sitting on Lissa's barstool. Her eyes were a deep, expressive brown, framed by long, black eyelashes that seemed to protect the shadows etched in her eyes. There were circles under her eyes, and her face was pale. She looked exhausted, the kind of exhausted from a lifetime of hardship, not from a day or two of inadequate sleep. When he'd first seen her, his initial thought had been that she was like a lost puppy, who needed a hug, a warm bed, and someone to watch over her so she could sleep without fear. But when she'd smiled at him, all those thoughts had fled. Her smile seemed to plunge right through all the barriers he'd erected over the last thirty years, unleashing a raw, visceral surge of emotion.” Excerpt From: Rowe, Stephanie. “A Real Cowboy Loves Forever"
  • A Real Cowboy Loves Forever

    By Anydb
    Fantastic book. Maddox & Hannah story adds so much to Wyoming series and the Stockton men. This also ties in Stephanie Rowe Rodeo Nights. This book is excellent on its own but truly adds to the over all series. I can't wait for more of these Stockton men.